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Pollinator Friendly Alliance is proud to align with philanthropic businesses and organizations who rally around protecting pollinators and their habitats, clean water and healthy land. We develop earth friendly campaigns around "giving back" with our friends like LUSH, Patagonia, Nimble Impressions, Bare Honey and Food Building. Let's pollinate a bee kind partnership with your company.

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Pollinator Habitat

With the help of volunteers and partners, PFA restores and enhances pollinator habitats large and small. Visit our pollinator demonstration gardens at Ramsey Grove Park, Northland Park, and Pollinators Landing at Mulberry Creek 535 Owens Street, Stillwater; complete with a bee lawn, mega flower garden, flowering prairie and restored milkweed slope. A 14 acre restored protected prairie Butterfly Landing at Pine Point, is bursting with nectar flowers, and stay tuned for the Rusty Patched Sanctuary at Lake Elmo Park Reserve. Bring your group to help garden or for a tour.


Public Education

Pollinator Friendly Alliance provides educational talks on pollinator conservation and tabling for events. Watch for PFA's annual popular Best Practices for Pollinators Summit; an educational day with fascinating speakers on ecologically sound best practices for land management. Contact for more on educators and programs.


Polli*NATION Festival

POLLI*NATION Festival. PFA is out to save pollinators by putting on the best party on the planet and promoting the power of grassroots action. Get ready for a fantastic lineup of bands, beer, food trucks, bee science, art, performance and conservation activities. Follow us on facebook for updates.


pollinator advocacy & civic stewardship

PFA works with local communities and with pollinator advocates statewide to protect pollinators. PFA provides models for integrated pest management (IPM) programs and pollinator protection resolutions for communities, agencies, business, schools and churches.

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Let’s put an end to chemically treated turf. PFA guides individuals, businesses and communities to convert turf to habitat which provides food and habitat for pollinators and wildlife, and filtration for ground water. Find more info here. Check out the Lawns to Legumes program.