Mission: To protect and restore pollinators to improve the environment and sustain our food supply. 

Vision: We envision a healthy world that lives in harmony with pollinators, our lands and waters.

Who we are:  PFA is a dynamic grassroots conservation organization concerned about the steep decline of pollinators. PFA is powered by volunteers plus the support of our partners and community.  Pollinator Friendly Alliance is a non-profit 501C3 (application in process).

What we do:

• Provide education tabling, programs and talks;

• Annual PolliNATION Festival, and Best Practices for Pollinators Summit;

• Increase protected pollinator habitat;

• Reduce pesticide use through education, collaborations with state, county and local community, educating decision-makers, and advocating change;

• Promote civic stewardship and pollinator protection resolutions in Minnesota state, county and local communities.

• Collaborations and partnerships to increase impact, together we are stronger.

2018 - 2019 Strategies:

• Increase protected habitat for pollinators including the new butterfly sanctuary (Butterfly Landing at Pine Point Park) Washington County.

• Expand and complete final phases of pollinator park installation at Laurel & Owens, (Pollinators Landing at Mulberry Creek) Stillwater, culminating with 2018 ribbon cutting.

• Develop and implement communications/outreach systems.

• Explore and develop capacity building actions with refined systems for fundraising to increase donor base, foundation and other grants. 

• Continue public utility right of way habitat best practices initiative.

• Continue local and enhance regional education programs.

• Expand collaborative projects and programs with other public and privately held organizations.


VOLUNTEER AND INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES, email: laurie@pollinatorfriendly.org

Volunteer for habitat installation or gardening, advocacy or community stewardship, organizational support, or special events.

Internships: Pollinator conservation internships designed to grow your experience and knowledge.