Our Programs

Public Education Talks

Pollinator Friendly Alliance provides educational presentations for groups on pollinator conservation, what you can do in your own yard, and in your community to protect pollinators.  Please contact us at laurie@pollinatorfriendly.org to schedule a presentation for your group.

Awareness Events

PFA hosts educational/awareness events.  Sign up on the email list to the right to receive notifications about these popular and well attended events.  1. Winter/Early Spring Educational Symposium, 2. Polli-NATION (Coolest pollinator party on earth), and 3. Summer Field Habitat and Garden Demonstrations.  Check out our calendar for upcoming news and events.

Awards - Pollinator Friendly Communities


With the help of the 2015 GREAT IDEA award from the Stillwater Area Foundation, 2015 Habitat Award from Bare Honey, 2016 Garden Award from the St. Paul Garden Club; in 2016 PFA received Ciranda and Patagonia Awards, the Pollinator Friendly Alliance continues the good work of creating pollinator gardens and habitat.  PFA helps communities implement pollinator resolutions and provides guidance for pollinator gardens, community engagement, and habitat installation. 

Bee Lawns

Let’s put an end to chemically treated, pollinator desert turf! Working with our expert partners, PFA helps individuals, businessess and communities install lawns that provide forage for pollinators, look beautiful and dispense with toxic chemicals.  Find more info here.

Pollinator Friendly Gardens

OUR PROGRAMS pollinator friendly garden.jpg

Working with volunteers and partners, visit the pollinator demonstration gardens at Ramsey Grove Park, Northland Park and the Pollinator Park at Laurel & Owens. 


Garden Center Pollinator Friendly Project

Working with expert partners, PFA helps garden centers to implement IPM practices and provide properly labeled pollinator friendly plants free of pollinator harming pesticides for consumers. See more about Minnesota Labeling Law issues here.


PFA’s annual awareness festival. Quickly making a name for itself as the coolest pollinator party on earth, PFA is out to save pollinators by putting on the best party around. Promoting the power of grassroots action. Get ready for a fantastic lineup of food, fun, art, performance and activities.   Follow us on facebook to get updates.  See photos from Polli-NATION here.

Community Habitat Advocates

PFA consults with contractors to install pollinator habitat at new construction sites, bee lawns rather than turf, and native plantings free of pesticides.  New construction of public and private buildings, road and bridge work, and anywhere pollinator habitat could be planted instead of pesticide treated plants.

Pollinator Advocacy

PFA works with our expert partners and other State and National organizations towards pollinator conservation legislation and practices. Our expert partners include the University of Minnesota, Xerces Society, Organic Consumers Association, Pesticide Action Network, The Center for Urban Sustainability, Pollinate Minnesota, Conservation District, Beyond Pesticides, Humming for Bees, Minnesota Native Landscapes, Prairie Restorations, Prairie Moon Nursery, Warner Nature Center and Friends of the Earth.