The new Pollinator Investment grant program for farmers (HF 3300) needs to pass out of Minnesota House Committee by April 8, and a hearing is needed to do this.  Please copy and paste the text below and email it HERE.

Dear Representative:

Please hold a hearing for HF 3300 to create a pollinator investment grant program. Minnesota's pollinators are in decline. Scientists agree: multiple, interacting factors are contributing to declining populations, including pesticides, habitat loss, diseases and parasites. To turn the tide and protect pollinators, Minnesota must take action to address all of these factors — including reducing the use of bee-harming pesticides like neonicotinoids. This bill supports farmers who want to increase pollinator habitat and reduce the use of seed coatings that can harm pollinators.

Additionally -If any of the members of either of the House Agriculture Committees are your representatives, reach out to them and send the same message. Here are the members of the Ag Policy committee; here are the Ag Finance committee members.





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