Mission: To protect and restore pollinators to improve the environment and sustain our food supply. 

Vision: We envision a healthy world that lives in harmony with pollinators, our lands and waters.

Who we are:  PFA is a dynamic grassroots conservation organization concerned about the steep decline of pollinators. PFA is powered by volunteers plus the support of our partners and community.  St. Croix River Association serves as non-profit fiscal agent for Pollinator Friendly Alliance. 

What we do:

• Provide education tabling, programs and talks;

• Annual PolliNATION Festival, and Best Practices for Pollinators Summit;

• Increase protected pollinator habitat;

• Reduce pesticide use through education, collaborations with state, county and local community, educating decision-makers, and advocating change;

• Promote civic stewardship and pollinator protection resolutions in Minnesota state, county and local communities.

• Collaborations with other organizations and individuals to increase reach and results.

2018 - 2019 Strategies:

• Increase protected habitat for pollinators including butterfly sanctuary at Pine Point Park, Washington County.

• Expand and complete final phases of pollinator park at Laurel & Owens, Stillwater, culminating with 2018 ribbon cutting.

• Develop and implement communications/outreach systems.

• Explore and develop capacity building actions with refined systems for fundraising to increase donor base, foundation and other grants. 

• Continue public utility right of way habitat best practices initiative.

• Continue local and enhance regional educational programs.

• Expand collaborative projects and programs with other public and privately held organizations.

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VOLUNTEER AND INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES, email: laurie@pollinatorfriendly.org

Volunteer for habitat installation or gardening, advocacy or community stewardship, organizational support, or special events.

Internships: Pollinator conservation internships designed to grow your experience and knowledge.